The Unbridled Charitable Foundation, Inc. has a world class silent auction at the Unbridled Eve Derby gala each year.  We hope to make this year's one of the best ever.  This page provides information on how to solicit items for the silent auction, and what types of items to solicit.  Silent auctions are a popular way for charities to raise funds for their organizations.  Companies and individuals donate items that are then sold to generate funds for the charity. 

Some of the types of items that are popular at silent auctions are:

  • Unique vacation experiences
  • Spa packages
  • Gift certificates
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Jewelry
  • Celebrity experiences (meet and greets)

A great way to solicit items is to speak to the manager at businesses that your frequent.  Tell them that you are a regular customer and that you are helping a local charity raise funds through their silent auction.  Ask them if they would be willing to donate an item to our silent auction.  If they want to know more about Unbridled, send them to our website at  Tell them to check it out and that you will follow-up with them. 

A few recommendations are:

  • Don't be afraid to ask
  • Let the potential donor know that we will take anything, but we recommend something with a value of $100 or more
  • Be aware of the good things that Unbridled does
  • Leave information with them
  • Be polite and gracious
  • Let them know that this is good exposure for their business
  • Follow up
  • Don't be afraid to ask someone from Unbridled for help

Together with your help we can make this year's Unbridled Eve silent auction the best ever.  Thanks for your help!  For more information you can call Alex Day at 502-299-5079 or e-mail